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Social media management is anything but simple, although the job is a lot of fun for those who are well-suited for the role. So what does it take to be a successful social media manager? This article reviews the most important characteristics of social media managers.

  • GG

    Gail Gardner

    5 months ago #

    I doubt that businesses realize how risky it is for them to be hiring interns and turning them loose on social media. There is a HUGE generational gap in what people consider appropriate behavior and language. I suspect that is why serious bloggers rarely outsource their interactions on social media. They might outsource sharing, but not responding as themselves.

  • JW

    Julie Weishaar

    5 months ago #

    When posting and responding on social media, brands need to speak in one voice - authentically. Staff, including interns if a company decides to hire them, need to be trained on the company culture, and how to respond to complaints or negativity to avoid "clumsy" or embarrassing unforced errors. Thanks for the great advice.

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