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Say you were launching a new online store in 2019. (Some of you might be or have already.)

What would be the most effective ways for promoting and/or growing that store?

We asked a bunch of e-commerce marketers that very question, and while "content marketing" ranked as the #1 priority, there was plenty of nuance in terms of the approach.

James Boston, cofounder at Paperlust, said that "having good foundational content will lead to better time on site and better engagement–both of which are signals used by search engines to validate keyword accuracy.”

We talked with 24 others, too.

  • ED

    Edward Dennis

    4 months ago #

    That quote from Meg is golden! "Focus on your database. Emails are the only thing without an algorithm at play."

  • JR

    Josh Reyes

    4 months ago #

    Thanks for the feature John! Some great insights on why email continues to drive enormous conversions for ecom marketers 📧

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