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Recently, more and more SaaS companies have started to see the value in great UX writing. The copy that you use in your product (often referred to as “microcopy”) can have a dramatic effect on your users. We’re going to look at some of the biggest UX writing mistakes you can make.

Great microcopy often goes unnoticed. That’s because it blends so effortlessly with the product. Good UX writing can drastically improve user adoption, feature activation, and increase retention.

But today we’re going to look at the other side of microcopy. We’re going to see what happens when it all goes wrong.

I’ve analyzed a lot of in-app copy and drawn up this list of the most common UX writing mistakes.

I’m going share these with you, and then I’m also going to show you how to avoid making those same UX writing mistakes in your own product.

Let’s get started…