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An update to the Mobile Growth Stack strategic framework. The MGS is a one-page cheat-sheet for mobile growth marketers to encourage holistic growth thinking and strategic planning. Feedback welcome!

  • HQ

    Hila Qu

    almost 3 years ago #

    Hi Andy,

    Thank you again for updating the stack and sharing the knowledge.

    Related to instant app, WeChat is releasing its own "little app" on Jan 9th next Monday, which is a big deal in China.

    I have a question about what you mentioned about virality and content indexing for engagement. I suppose this is users sharing some sort of content from the app to social media etc, which bring more users back to the app directly? Do you see some good examples of apps doing that?

    Related, what's your thoughts around setting up a community in the mobile app itself, instead of having a separate web forum community?

    • AC

      Andy Carvell

      almost 3 years ago #

      Thanks for the detailed questions, Hila :)

      Very interesting developments with WeChat.. I need to check this out in more detail :)

      Regarding virality & content indexing being drivers of re-engagement as the app grows, I saw this first-hand at SoundCloud. When I set up a Retention team there in 2015 and we started digging deeper into the routes that existing users were taking to come BACK into the app, we noticed a very significant proportion of them returning to the app via Search and from shares to Facebook, Twitter, etc. In other words, these users were either searching for a music artist / track in Google and then finding SoundCloud links (or deep app links), or they were clicking on SoundCloud track links that others had shared on social media. Ensuring content is properly indexed and healthily shared is like getting free AdWords and free Facebook Retargeting respectively :)

      Community... it can exist within the app or outside of it, or both! Within the app is great if it can be achieved in an engaging way with the limitations of the small screen real estate. However, I think a really strong community also often expresses itself outside of the digital world, with real-life meetups, fan clubs or other cool things that bring people together through their shared love of a product.

      • HQ

        Hila Qu

        almost 3 years ago #

        Thank you for sharing the SoundCloud example, I walked through the experience myself, and it makes perfect sense. A lot we can learn from it.

  • HA

    Hammad Akbar

    almost 3 years ago #

    Truly amazing article. I really loved your mobile growth framework. I will update mine with the help of it. Thanks for making my day.

  • DP

    daniel peris

    almost 3 years ago #

    As usual, good job mates!!

  • EB

    Ed Burrows

    almost 3 years ago #

    Great stuff Andy!

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