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When Selina Tobaccowala joined SurveyMonkey, 85% of its business was done in English. It was solidly a domestic company making slow inroads overseas. A little over five years later, they are supporting 17 different languages and 28 currencies. Currently the domestic market is 55% of their business, but they're aiming for it to be just 25% of their business.

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Internationalizing is a huge strategic goal for them — full of hard-won lessons for CTO Tobaccowala and the technical organization she runs.

A lot of earlier-stage startups might think, “It's way too early for us to be talking about this.” But they're wrong.

  • AD

    April Dunford

    over 4 years ago #

    Oh wow - there is so much good stuff in this one. In particular the bits about differences in design, user flows, payments. This is an amazing post.

  • KR

    Kamil Rextin

    over 4 years ago #

    Big fan of First Round Review.

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