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What do you do when you want a piece of information? ‍

You Google it.

Like any other human being with Internet access on the planet.

Google is the gateway to the world’s biggest databank that is the Internet and the search term you use is the key to get exactly the piece of information you’re looking for.

Most people don’t quite seem to realise how powerful that idea is.

It means that you can get your hands on about any piece of information or data there is to find, as long as you provide the right keyword.

As Salesflare’s growth guy I’m always on the hunt for data that helps me target prospects and increase reach. When it comes to online marketing,

I believe in taking advantage of multiple touch-points to drive brand awareness and showcase value.

That cold email I’m sending you won’t be so cold if before you’ve already spotted me on LinkedIn, read my tweets and gazed upon my brilliant Facebook ad.

While there’s plenty of tools that are pretty good at finding one particular piece of data, connecting the dots isn’t always obvious and easy.

If I have names and company domains, I can find work emails. But what if I have company names instead of company domains? And how do I match those names with LinkedIn profiles? 🤔

You can find the company domain for any company name if you use that name as a keyword in Google and you’ll immediately find someone’s LinkedIn profile if you enter their name in Google and specify you want results from linkedin.com.

👉🏼 The point is this: if you enter the right keyword, Google will give you exactly what you’re looking for.

The problem is having to perform all those searches manually, one-by-one.

So, let’s automate it 🤖.

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