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I’m a content marketer, I’ve spent the last 3 months traveling, and I love using Airbnb when I travel. But I have to admit… I have a problem with Airbnb. You see, to my surprise, when I went to the Airbnb blog recently, I saw the typical self-serving brand related content that most companies put out. You know what I’m talking about… The press releases… The product updates… The Case Studies… The kind of content that companies think is really interesting, but that few people read or connect with. My problem is: It pains me to see the opportunity that Airbnb is missing out on by not focusing on the right kind of content marketing as a way to scale their business. My hypothesis is: If Airbnb were able to capture stories from both their hosts and travelers about their experience using Airbnb, it would lead to higher brand awareness, stronger relationships with their community, more positive media attention, increased results in the SERPs, wider adoption, and more profit.

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