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  • AA

    Austen Allred

    over 6 years ago #

    I really need to change the Title. It should be "The Hacker's Guide to the First 1,000 Users VIA Twitter - the end goal is users, not Twitter followers."

    I'm writing a second chapter on Press that's going to be a doozy right now; I'll be sure to submit it when I'm done.

    • MB

      Morgan Brown

      over 6 years ago #

      Yeah, agree with the title change. When I first saw it I was like, should anyone really be focused on getting 1,000 Twitter followers?

      Now driving user acquisition from Twitter, whole 'nother story.

  • MF

    Marko Francekovic

    over 6 years ago #

    Thanks for the post. It really opened my eyes on how Twitter could be used.