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Hello. Is it leads you’re looking for? 😏

People with a problem you have the solution to? People willing to pay for your product? People you can actually help with the value you create?

You know the type: customer — material. The people that will get you sales. The people that will make your marketing efforts pay off. The people you can build a thriving business on.

Guess what: we’re all looking for those people.

Well, finding people on the Internet is not hard.

Finding people on the Internet that need you is a totally different ball game.

First off, before you do anything else 👉🏼 make sure your value is actually value.

☝🏼 Value is only value if it is of value to people. If it solves their problems.

I’m about to teach you tactics that will help you find and target customers of your competitors.

These are people that not only struggle with the issues you’re trying to build your business on, but are also already aware of them.

You’ll have a direct line with them. You’ll be able to skip over lead qualification altogether.

☝🏼But keep in mind: you can only make a good first impression once.

So before you get into all the scraping and data enrichment craziness, you have to make sure that what you’re selling is actually worth selling.

Competitor’s customers are your market, make sure your product fits them before you go all-in on it.

Getting an open goal doesn’t mean you don’t have to shoot anymore.

Having highly qualified leads like this isn’t just nice for you.

The fact that these people are already using a similar product makes the value you’re offering them all the more relevant to them.

Here’s the thing: people don’t hate cold emails. 👉🏼 What they hate are cold emails force-feeding them stuff they don’t give a sh*t about.

They also don’t hate Facebook Ads. But they’ll scroll right over them if you fail to catch their attention.

The tactics in this Playbook will give you the power to find your competitor’s customers and get to data you need to target them with cold emails, Facebook Ads, on LinkedIn and on Twitter. At scale.

  • Play #1: Scraping review websites like Capterra
  • Play #2: Technology tracking
  • Play #3: Twitter 'Friends'
  • Play #4: Product Hunt upvoters
  • Play #5: Social Sharers via BuzzSumo
  • Bonus: Advertise on your competitor’s brand name

  • PS

    Phil Shawe

    almost 4 years ago #

    Great read. Love the fun way this was presented!

  • TG

    Tammy Gregory

    18 days ago #

    Good Post!
    I enjoyed the way you presented the information on stealing competitor's customers. To be ahead in market competition, one needs to know all details about competitors. And the best way to get new customers is to target competitors' customers.

    Well, here I am with some best strategies for competitive advertising that will be helpful for the future ad campaign. Check out: https://poweradspy.com/target-competitors/

  • MW

    Mike Wille

    18 days ago #

    Solid post thanks