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9 tactics to get both professional and personal emails from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and basically anywhere else on the web. Giving you the superpower to target and nurture leads on multiple fronts.

In the realm of online marketing, the email address is king.

It’s the key to extensive online targeting across the mishmash of channels at your disposal. Cold email is the obvious one, but emails also enable for Facebook Audience building and point the way on different social platforms.

And what if I told you that that cold email doesn’t have to be so cold 😏.

This is more than just a manual on how to find emails.

Turning leads into deals takes human relationship building and you won’t get there by sticking to some nifty data work and shooting off thousands of emails at once.

People don’t buy from companies, they buy from people. More specifically, people buy from people they know, like and trust.You have to show your face. If you don’t, you’re no better than your average spammer nobody likes and no one will ever buy something from.

Going through the Plays for different platforms, you’ll find that you can fight your marketing battle on multiple fronts and create multiple touch-points to take putting the moves on your leads to a next level.

Yes, you’ll step up your lead game but your day doesn’t end there.

No fish worth catching bites the first time you lower your lure.

Turning leads into deals takes patience, nurturing, value and availability. You’ll need to equip yourself accordingly if you want to keep on giving every single lead the attention they deserve and build relations at scale.

If you don’t, all those carefully found emails will come back to hit you in the nose like a boomerang. You’ll be mopping the floor with the water running.

With a lot of leads comes great responsibility.

I’ll show you how to handle that responsibility and come out swinging.

Not sure if you feel excited or scared?

Good, that means that I have your attention.

Spoiler alert: everything is connected.

Table of Contents:

  • Play #1: Get targeted work emails with the FindThatLead Prospector
  • Play #2: Get work emails from LinkedIn
  • Play #3: Get personal emails from LinkedIn
  • Play #4: Get work emails from Twitterhandles
  • Play #5: Get personal emails from Twitterhandles, Part I
  • Play #6: Get personal emails from Twitterhandles, Part II
  • Play #7: Get work emails from Facebook Groups
  • Play #8: Get personal emails from Facebook Groups
  • Play #9: Get personal emails from Facebook Friends
  • S.

    stapho .

    10 months ago #

    One of those posts so good that it's a liability to miss it. This HAS to make it the front page!

  • SE

    Sean Ellis

    9 months ago #

    I'm glad the author goes beyond just talking about using the email address for cold emails. I was afraid this was going to be an article on spamming.

  • ML

    Mark Lindquist

    9 months ago #

    Awesome stuff as always, Gilles.

  • SS

    steffi sekar

    9 months ago #

    Is there an email scrapping tool to fetch emails from these platforms?

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