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Some nice little chunks in there, related to design & lean methodology overlapping and a few other gems.

  • SA

    Samantha Afetian

    about 5 years ago #

    Thanks for sharing, Tom!

    I really love the idea that Eric shares regarding the opportunity of building a new breed of company, if only we can do away with the conventional perception of what a company is "supposed" to be. It really makes you think--If you had no idea of how a company was traditionally structured, what would you build? It's a really cool idea.

    What is crazy about Lean Startup is how simple it is to do, but how easy it is to get wrong. He goes into that a little--again, I think it's about perception and accidentally creating these boundaries in which we believe things are supposed to function.

    The great thing is basically any company can be lean if they design for it.

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