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This extensive guide will teach you how to create a complete marketing automation strategy for your SaaS business. Let’s do it!

Marketing automation is everywhere.

It’s so ubiquitous today that it’s almost impossible not to do any marketing automation in your SaaS.

A lot of you are doing some automation without even naming it that way.

But even if you know you work with marketing automation, it can be hard to describe.


What the heck is marketing automation?

In a nutshell, marketing automation helps you:

Deliver personalized messages.

On multiple channels: email, SMS, push, social media, direct mail.

To a broader audience.

At the right time.

Using software.

To attract, convert and retain more customers with fewer resources, more efficiently.

This guide comes with 4 worksheets and extra bonuses:

🤖 30 Example Marketing Automation Workflows

📋 Marketing Automation Strategy Worksheet - The worksheet to help you create and organize your automation strategy.

📋 Marketing Automation Strategy Worksheet Example - An example filled-in worksheet.

📈 Monthly Metrics Spreadsheet - Track your marketing automation efforts the right way.

📜 [Template] OutreachPlus Complete Marketing Automation Flows - Text copy and messages for all of the marketing automation workflows.

Read it here: https://encharge.io/marketing-automation-strategy-for-saas/

  • AS

    Aazar Shad

    about 1 year ago #

    I love Kalo's content. Already in my list to read.

  • AS

    Adam Szabo

    about 1 year ago #

    Hi Kalo,

    Awesome content, thanks for sharing :)

    I'm in marketing automation as well, and Encharge seems interesting. I haven't seen a marketing automation tool designed for SaaS before.
    When do you plan to launch it? How will you help customers implement it with their SaaS? I believe the biggest challenge is the initial setup as they need to involve developers to add the triggers into the code.


    • KY

      Kalo Yankulov

      about 1 year ago #

      Hi Adam,

      I totally missed your comment :(

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      You're right – there aren't any marketing automation tools focused specifically on SaaS. Most of them focus on eCommerce these days.

      Our goal is to build native, easy to use integrations that are used by SaaS companies – Stripe, Segment, Chargebee, etc.

      "When do you plan to launch it?"
      We don't like ETAs :) Software is tricky and we avoid promising any dates, but we hope to have the product ready in the upcoming months.

      " I believe the biggest challenge is the initial setup as they need to involve developers to add the triggers into the code."
      You're absolutely right and I agree. Developers input will still be needed to integrate with Segment or our API but we aim to simplify that as much as possible by providing native integrations, documentation and hands-on help for the setup.

    • KY

      Kalo Yankulov

      12 months ago #


      We're in Open Beta now. You can try the tool at https://app.encharge.io/register and see a quick preview here - https://youtu.be/7TfHZNZ51qQ