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Ever wonder how some online business pros send out one email and get a ton of sales, opens, and clicks. Yet you can send out email after email with no traction? Your open rate is abysmal, your clickthrough rate is bleak, and the sales you generate from your email series doesn't exactly make email marketing seem worth it.…

That all changes today. In this massive handbook, we're revealing all the secrets the pros use to write irresistible emails that singlehandedly change your business.

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  • RC

    Ruth Cole

    over 3 years ago #

    Loved this article. In the process of creating emails myself I'd tried a couple of tactics such as creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity but haven't managed to get it quite right yet. I also found the examples and research to support your points really useful - this will be great for when I'm trying to justify to the rest of the team why I've chosen a certain approach. This post has provided me with some inspiration to tackle it in a different way. Thanks!

  • MS

    Mark Silver

    over 3 years ago #

    I enjoyed this article as well. It's very well researched and provides great examples. Thanks for sharing!