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Lately I’ve been evaluating tons of freelance writers, reading more portfolio pieces than I can count, editing a bunch of client pieces, and helping multiple new writers understand how to write a good blog post.

This means I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts in the past few months.

First, I read candidates portfolio pieces. Then for writers who advance, I read their test outlines and test drafts.

Through all this reading, I’ve stumbled upon an important pattern that separates good marketing blog posts from bad.

  • OS

    Olivia Seitz

    6 months ago #

    I love how you explain the difference between the "detail principle" and common "show, don't tell" advice. It's a perfect explanation of why saying "show, don't tell" is inherently unhelpful for writers in the content marketing space. Your advice is far more practical. :)

  • ZB

    Ziev Beresh

    6 months ago #

    It's amazing how many not-so-good articles I have to comb through when doing research online to find a quality piece, and this article illustrates what sets those quality pieces apart while also being a perfect example of one in itself.