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The year 2020 was relatively drama-free for SEO. Most of the algorithm updates had mild effects and there is no need to do any big adjustments to your SEO strategy. That being said, there have been slight shifts in the weight of existing ranking factors, so, just in case, let’s review your SEO priorities for the upcoming year.

  • YH

    Yurii Holovanov

    3 months ago #

    Always nice to check another perspective on the almost fully covered niche. Thanks for sharing.

  • RN

    Raunak Neupane

    3 months ago #

    Thanks for sharing! EAT is certainly one of the most easiest and yet so hardest to achieve but the key is consistency. I'd also add visual and voice search as a strategy as they are growing day by day.

  • MC

    Maeva Cifuentes

    3 months ago #

    Loved the technical part of the post! Super useful. đź‘Ť