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"I honestly couldn't believe it:

The client took 2 years to design and document how to build an application. It was thousands of pages of requirements.

The best part?

They said we had one year to build and go-live with this monstrous, bloated application.

We had two options:

1) Suck it up and work overtime knowing that there is no way we'll be able to do it.

2) Come back and provide an alternate option.

We chose an alternate route."

Discover it in this 6,000+ word article: The Definitive Guide to Agile Product Development.

  • MC

    Matthew Chen

    7 months ago #

    Great article. Provides a mix of narrative and recommendations that really gets the the heart of product/software development in the modern world. My only gripe is the use of "Best Practices" because while there are conventions, not everything works best for every team. That being said, the "Best Practices" listed are fantastic places to start when crafting your own org's processes.

  • CM

    Cole McKeon

    7 months ago #

    Now more than ver its harder to create a long lasting sustainable product. Thanks for the article and insight!

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