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One of the biggest issues we hear from marketers and founders is this:

“We have no idea what our return on content marketing spend is…”

If this is you, don’t feel bad, it’s incredibly common…

  • You’re publishing content
  • You’re getting some traffic
  • The posts look good (great images!)
  • You’re sending emails
  • People are opening emails
  • Plus your Twitter follower count is going up!
  • Things must be working…

But when the CEO asks “Is this worth it?” or “What’s our customer acquisition cost from content?” you turn into a deer in headlights, and start mumbling responses as your heartbeat goes up:

“Well, I talked to sales, and they say customers are mentioning blog posts, so…” “

Our emails have a 29% open rate, so people are definitely reading…”

“Look, it’s not that simple. Let me explain how brand awareness works…”

From what we could find, customer acquisition cost (CAC) from content marketing has not been calculated or dissected thoroughly online. (Which is shocking considering that content marketing is so hot right now).

So, that’s the subject of this article. 

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