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You’ll have a hard time finding customers for your SaaS product if you have a negative, or even mixed, online reputation.

It doesn’t matter if your negative reputation is a true reflection of your product’s performance or a result of a smear campaign.

It will have dire consequences for your business.

And this is why you need to invest in online reputation management (ORM).

In this detailed guide, I’ll tell you how to build a proactive reputation management strategy that directly contributes to your product’s growth and long-term success.

Here’s a break down of what's covered:

1. Evaluate Your Brand’s Online Reputation

2. Address Inaccurate High-Ranking Content About Your Brand

3. Get Featured On The Top Industry Blogs To Build Credibility

4. Dominate SERPs With Link-Worthy Long-Form Content

5. Optimize For ‘Alternatives’ And ‘Best Of’ Keywords

6. Invest In Link Building To Push Down Negative Content

7. Launch On Product Hunt To Get A Reputation Boost

8. Monitor Brand Mentions To Protect Your Reputation

9. Grow Your Tribe To Generate Word Of Mouth

10. Feature Customer Success Stories And Testimonials

11. Interview Niche Influencers To Reach A Wider Audience