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No matter if you’re a well-established conglomerate or a fledgling startup, your business lives or dies by its mailing list.

There are millions of entrepreneurs out there trying every lead generation tactic in the book, who are only ending up with maybe a few thousand subscribers.

Not to say that’s bad, but you can do a whole lot better. How much better?

Well at Foundr we exploded our mailing list with 57,000 new subscribers in just 30 days!

In this post, we’re going to reveal everything behind how we managed to drastically scale our mailing list in such a short amount of time.

We spare no detail as we reveal our tactics, from the different types of lead magnets we used, to channels we employed to get the word out there. Key takeaways from this article: - What goes into generating and converting leads

- The psychology behind capturing emails

- In-depth deconstruction of our lead magnets

- Step-by-step instruction on our entire process

- Bonus tactics that no one else has been using