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No, I am not climbing down the rabbit hole of JUST setting up Facebook Ads.

Instead, this comprehensive guide covers planning through reporting using Facebook and Google Analytics (+some additional tools).

The digital marketing landscape is fragmented and can be super confusing, but with some savviness, I have found that the right approach and mix of tools can go a long way.

Let me know if I missed anything :)

Hope you guys find it useful.

  • JP

    John Phamvan

    over 2 years ago #

    Wow this was really comprehensive - as advertised.

    I was most impressed with how you used all of the tools in conjunction to make this a scalable process.
    Just a quick q around Supermetrics.
    What other tools did you evaluate for the purpose it serves and what was it specifically about Supermetrics that tipped the scales in its favor for you?

    If I had anything I wanted to read more about, it would've been the bit about Exclusions. I feel like this is a bigger issue at (or when getting to) scale that can lead to a lot of wasted dollars. May be that is its own post some day.

    • GS

      Gabe Solberg

      over 2 years ago #

      Hey John,

      I use Supermetrics because it is the most flexible tool out there in pulling data across multiple platforms.

      Basically, I have the ability to automate data pulls into Google Sheets on a schedule with the flexibility of Excel.

      There are some pretty good reporting platforms out there (NinjaCat, Funnel) but I always hit roadblocks when I want to customize and get super granular. Especially when joining rows of data across platforms.

      Good point on exclusions I talk about it here https://growthhackers.com/articles/establishing-effective-frequency-for-facebook-ads but it goes more into the technical implementation respective to frequency as opposed managing audience and overlap at scale.

      Maybe my next post :)

  • NR

    Nishant Rawat

    about 2 years ago #

    Great read!

  • TT

    Tyler Thompson

    11 months ago #

    Hello Gabe,

    Really nice information, thanks for sharing.