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This is a complete breakdown of the Canva marketing strategy that helped the brand grow to a $6 billion valuation, generate 20 million monthly active users, and gain customers across 190 countries—including 85% of all Fortune 500 brands. In this essay you’re going to learn:

  • How to create content for user intent
  • The role of content directories for SEO
  • How to create scalable landing pages How to create a scalable backlink program
  • The role of responding to current trends for products
  • How to reach thousands of people through your blog

An opportunity that even Canva has overlooked

  • NR

    Nikola Roza

    5 months ago #

    Wonderful read, Ross!

  • SC

    Sebastian Cardozo

    5 months ago #

    Super interesting, thanks!

  • CV

    Chandresh Vaghanani

    5 months ago #

    Awesome. Loved it.

  • JS

    Jeff Solomon

    5 months ago #

    well done. helpful. one question that arises. With all the dedicated landing pages based on popular search phrases, does Canva (or anyone) just expect these will end up in results for these phrases after the site has significant authority vs. a blog post that is 1000+ words about this phrase? Since a landing page is less content and organized different than a blog post, does it still end up indexing well such that the traffic from those searches end up there vs. a blog post that requires the user to make a decision to "get" the product after reading a piece of content that loosely explains/promotes the product?

  • AL

    Apostolis Lianos

    5 months ago #

    Had almost 6 months to say it but... this is DOPE. Thanks for sharing! 🙏

  • AR

    Andraz Reich Pogladic

    5 months ago #

    This is just great. Very insightful! Thanks for sharing

  • DD

    Daniel Daines-Hutt

    5 months ago #

    I read 2 paragraphs, and then immediately shared it with my partner.

    Fantastic breakdown!

    It's incredible to see how far Canva have grown.

  • JS

    Jamie Smith

    5 months ago #

    The growth of Canva is great, especially when you see how much SEO has contributed to that success and growth!

  • NT

    Nathan Turner

    5 months ago #

    This is a great read, especially when you read it after your post earlier about Shopify's new Canva competitor tool

  • WW

    Walter Wertz

    4 months ago #

    Thank you for sharing.

  • TB

    Tamara Biljman

    25 days ago #

    WOW! I enjoyed your article so much. ESPECIALLY the opportunity they overlooked.

  • JR

    Joe Russell

    18 days ago #

    Love it, thanks Ross. Lots of actionable tips there.