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1182 A.D, Mongolia. At the age of 20, Genghis Khan made a decision that would forever change the world. He decided it was time to build up an army and unify Mongolia. This one decision would eventually lead to the building of the biggest empire the world had seen ever seen by that time. It wasn’t until the rise of the British empire, which began during the early 1600’s, that a comparable empire was built. With that said, it wasn’t the sheer size of the empire that made them known though. It was how they built it… You see, the Mongols were known for their brutality. They would ride out in hordes, route entire armies, and conquer massive cities at unheard of speeds. In fact, during certain battle tactics, they would collectively shoot arrows so fast at their enemies that no army could match them until the modern machine gun was invented. This wasn’t even their real genius though. It was their use of psychological warfare.

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