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What you need to consider before opening up your API to third parties. Great post on why you should build an API and how to leverage partners for growth.

  • EB

    Ed Burrows

    over 5 years ago #

    This is cool Jack thanks for sharing. Good to get some base knowledge on an area of growth that I'm needing to fill in a bunch of knowledge gaps. I was particularly interested by his thoughts around hackathons and not seeing an ROI on sponsoring them.

    • JM

      Jack Meredith

      over 5 years ago #

      This is one area that I have some knowledge gap in as well. I totally see his point with the hackathons, I find it fairly difficult to see an ROI for any event sponsorship for that matter. I think the key point he touches on is just showing up and engaging is worth just as much if not more than blanketing an event with banners & stickers.

      What I also got from it is much like all growth efforts, leveraging partners requires a lot of hustle. We fell for the same pitfall in building an API and letting it collect dust. You really need to nail down a strategy and maintain a pipeline to have any chance of seeing results.

      • JB

        Joseph Bentzel

        over 5 years ago #

        Absolutely agree on the collecting dust comment. Developer marketing and what I call BizDevOps are different albeit related disciplines. Also, I think folks need to approach partner dev more holistically, and then plug in either a 'one size fits all' or partner-targeted API program.

        Here's a recent post on what I call 'XaaS Distribution' that elaborates on these points from a full spectrum partner @ the core approach.