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With over 1.7 billion websites, the web has become an overcrowded space. To stand out from the crowd, you need to keep innovating and coming up with new ways to grow your online business.

And, contrary to popular belief, business growth need not entail costly infrastructure or tools.

Don’t believe me?

There are many pocket-friendly hacks that can multiply your revenue in record time. After all, one of the main perks of owning a virtual business is that you can do away with the bells and whistles of brick-and-mortar stores.

Then, why break the bank to step up your online business growth?

Take this revenue-expansion tactic for instance:

Just by providing exemplary customer experience, you can charge 13% to 18% higher for your products/services, found a PwC survey. Customers are willing to pay more in exchange for personalized service and support.

That’s how simple (and affordable) it is to grow your online business.