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Guest of the day:

Tom Libelt, founder of the “We Market Online Courses” and ex-CEO of a marketing agency “Libelt SEO”.

In 2010 he launched Smart Brand Marketing, a boutique small business consultancy, to bring smart strategies to businesses and organizations working within a tight budget. In 2015 that transformed into his current business which is We Market Online Courses.

What will you learn?

  • The challenges of the service industry;
  • How to run & grow a profitable agency;
  • VB

    Vladimir Budko

    2 months ago #

    Great podcast! Tom is a versatile person with very interesting background in music and movie industries alongside being a complete guru in marketing field. Great thoughts from him that make you look at your business/work at a different angle. Must listen!

  • EE

    Enbo Engati

    2 months ago #

    Thanks Dmitry.

    Here's another reference video that might be useful: