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Some facts about mobile eCommerce • 61% of all mobile users go to their desktop/laptop computer to complete their mobile orders. • To support this user behavior – of continuing a mobile-initiated order on another device – it’s key that users are allowed to pick up their mobile cart in a desktop device later on. Yet, 78% of mobile sites have no such feature • 88% of mobile checkouts utilize a layout that has a high risk of users overlooking the “Guest Checkout” option. As our large-scale eye-tracking studies of checkout finds that form fields demand a disproportionate amount of users’ attention, the sign-in sections need to be collapsed, and the “guest” option placed at the top of the page. • 47% of mobile sites do not display Store Pickup next to the regular shipping options. • 70% of mobile users consistently scrolled up and down the mobile homepage – when landing on a new site to get an overview of their options. This “scroll and scan” behavior of mobile homepages is problematic for 42% of mobile eCommerce sites. During testing observe that a minimum of 30-40% of the top-level categories should be represented via the homepage content The 9 Mobile eCommerce Best Practices You Shouldn’t Overlook Basic: 1. Honor Image Zoom Gestures (40% of mobile sites don’t) 2. Use Touch Optimized Keyboard Layouts (54% don’t) 3 Don’t Use Auto-Rotating Homepage Carousels (30% don’t) Intermediary: 4. Collapse Sign-In and Place ‘Guest Checkout’ at the Top (88% don’t) 5. Disable Auto-Correct During Checkout (79% don’t) 6. Make the Cart Function as a ‘Save’ Feature (78% don’t) Advanced: 7. Display Store-Pickup Next to Shipping Options (47% of mobile omni-channel sites don’t) 8. Allow users to Search Within Currently Navigated Category (94% don’t) 9. Have the Homepage Visually Represent the Type of Products Users Can Expect to Find (42% don’t)

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