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What are some of your favorite books on marketing?

Marketing isn’t a field you spend 4 years studying in college and you’re set for an entire career—it’s a practice that requires constant learning due to its ever-evolving nature.

By reading marketing books, you get to learn about the origins and underlying theory of marketing, continuously brush up your skills as well as stay you up to date with the latest trends and channels.

In this report, we share the 88 most-recommended books that every marketer should read according to 159 marketing professionals...

  • OM

    Olha Matuts

    3 months ago #

    Thanks for your work, it was useful. I'll be waiting for an overview of new books!

  • RR

    Ramiiz Raza

    3 months ago #

    I started reading marketing 4.0, the lean startup, reach dad poor dad, business school etc