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For the last year, I’ve listened to hundreds of podcast episodes.

And I’ve learnt A LOT of new ideas to incorporate into my own content marketing strategies.

Today I want to share with you the 7 content marketing podcasts I consider to be “the best of the best”.

Inside you’ll find:

1- My favorite episode on each podcast.

2- The three episodes I recommend you listen to first.

I’ve listened to every episode, so I can confidently say…

All the gold nuggets are in these 7.


Chris “Gold Digger” Von Wilpert

PS- If you think there's a killer podcast I missed, let me know what you're loving right now in the comments :)

  • GH

    Grant Horejsi

    10 months ago #

    Love that he shared specific episodes. Nobody has time to listen to every podcast and just took in the Saleshacker grew 426% and it was awesome!

  • DC

    Daren Cox

    10 months ago #

    Nice compilation Chris, I'm going to start working through some of these at the gym!

  • LY

    Leo Young

    9 months ago #

    Thanks Chris, always looking for quality podcasts to listen to.