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Like most small marketing agencies, we used to get 90% of new clients from referrals. If we had more time, we’d generate leads through inbound marketing. If we had more money, we’d purchase $30,000+ in advertisements or sponsorships. But we had limited time AND money. So we had to come up with a different solution

  1. Find prospects who are mentioned in the news (using Google Alerts and feedly).
  2. Send the first email.
  3. Send a second email, adding helpful content, personalized to their industry.
  4. Send a third email of "Re: Trying to connect."
  5. Send the fourth email of "Premission to close your file?"
  6. Continuously optimise your follow up templates.
  • OK

    Ondrej Kubala

    almost 5 years ago #

    interesting approach - in untouched mentions are money :)

  • SA

    Suzan Abdurrahman

    almost 5 years ago #

    Great advice and templates to work off. Wondering is the 24hr time frame too pushy. Probably not as it generated great ROI for you all. Congrats and thanks again for sharing.