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We may not know all of Google’s ranking factors, but we know the top three: links, content, and RankBrain.
Content is all about on-page SEO. RankBrain is focused on the user experience. Links: that’s 100% off-page SEO.

But off-page SEO is tricky because you have less control over it. You can update your content as often as you want, making it better and more comprehensive. You can fix every technical SEO issue that exists on your site.

Getting other sites, people, and publications to link to or mention your brand—on the other hand—is a different beast altogether.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed with off-page SEO. Many marketers do off-page SEO exceptionally well.

  • AS

    Angelina Smith

    7 months ago #

    I did not have to wait for long to get started with this post as the mention of the number "35" in the title drew me instantly.

    Appreciate for sharing this excellent piece of content. Never thought of so many ways to generate back links to the site. Most of them seem to be familiar; except for some of the techniques like HARO, Address Unlinked Brand Mentions, Link Exchange, to name few. Gone figure them out for my site esalesdata dot com soon.

    Of course, answering questions in Quora is an excellent way to generate massive referral traffic. But, the case isn't the same anymore due to Quora's stringent moderation policy. Intentional link drop in the answers for SEO or writing promotional content leads to answers getting rejected.

    As for Link Exchange, not the best practice in the eyes of Google. Needs to be done cautiously.

  • AG

    Aishley Giles

    7 months ago #

    Great share! Helpful for Off-page optimization.

  • MO

    Marketing Octiive

    7 months ago #

    Love comprehensive posts like these. Thank you very much!

  • AL

    Apostolis Lianos

    7 months ago #

    I think "awesome" is quite overused as a word today but...
    this is article is AWESOME indeed!

    Thanks for writing & sharing. :)

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