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How do I grow my business?

Whether you are a large enterprise looking to provide greater returns for your shareholders or a startup looking to grow, this is THE question that most businesses focus on.

There are no shortage of new growth hacks, best practices and latest techniques that can be applied to a business. However, from my experience most startups and businesses don’t understand the structures behind growth and as a result throw large amounts of money or resources to see incremental improvements without fixing the underlying issues behind the lack of results.

There are unlimited ways to spend your money, but unfortunately, most companies don’t have an unlimited budget to play with. At Playbook Media, our focus is based around optimising the growth outcomes given the current state of the business and the resources we have to work with.

In this post, I’ll share our process and approach to testing, identifying and implementing an effective growth strategy for businesses by focusing on the 3 Pillars of Business Growth