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Without the right tool, tracking where your site ranks in organic search results for target keywords is a time-consuming process.

Manually checking and tracking your rankings requires depersonalized search tricks, long and detailed spreadsheets, and constant vigilance.

In fact, half of SEOs check their rankings either daily or multiple times a day...

To find out, we asked 107 SEOs to tell us about the keyword tracking tools they use to keep a close eye on how their site and pages are performing in organic search results.

  • GA

    Gaurav Arora

    15 days ago #

    Great content @Spela

  • MA

    Marvellous Aham-adi

    17 days ago #

    That's a lot of tools and tips jam packed in one article. Great job curating them!

  • RR

    riorya reddyas

    16 days ago #

    Wow, amazing I saw the article with execution models you had posted. It was such informative. Really it is a wonderful article. Thank you for sharing and please keep update like this type of article because I want to learn more relevant to this topic.
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  • DB

    David Blinov

    16 days ago #

    Great list! Thanks for sharing

  • HC

    Huberto Canovas

    15 days ago #

    One of the tools, SE Ranking offers more up-to-date data and information, which benefits our agency and clients. SE Ranking allows us to access historical data with just a few clicks without ever having to leave the interface. From daily ranking updates to current search volume trends, there are numerous aspects that are essential when formulating client strategies, and with SE Ranking’s continuously updated system we are able to use this data to help our clients succeed.

  • JM

    Jedrzej Meder

    14 days ago #

    Nice list @spela. I am not surprised about the list order. Ahrefs is awesome.

  • SK

    sangeeta kumar

    10 days ago #

    Hey @Spela,

    This list of keyword tracking tools is definitely effective and easy to use. Ahref and Google Search Console is my go-to place and tops in the list.
    Here, I would like to add a few more tools that help in content marketing:

    You can find more content creation & marketing tools here: https://www.diginekt.com/content-creation-and-marketing-tools

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