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When we typed the term “customer service” in Ahrefs, we found an alarming number of online queries where customers are scrambling to contact the customer service teams in leading businesses. These business domains are sundry, ranging from email providers to gaming apps or dating websites to software behemoths.

What does that tell you about the state of customer service across all industries? With a global monthly keyword search volume that’s north of 3,92,000, it seems that customers are writhing in pain trying to contact customer service for help. And that’s a crying shame.

If you notice closely, you won’t find the likes of Amazon, Apple, or Zappos in the list, because these companies are obsessed about delivering an A-class customer service. These companies are praised for their great customer service because they hold themselves up to rigorous standards.

But what are these customer service metrics? And how do you measure them?

Here are the top 13 metrics you absolutely need to be measuring on a regular basis

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