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The more data we collect about our marketing activities, the more doors can open to lead us to further success.

Publishing articles, sending messages, and posting on social media are all activities that businesses can track and measure in one way or another to help them determine how close they are to hitting their goals.

The lists of metrics accompanying each marketing activity aren’t short ones. For example, email marketers can focus on metrics like list churn, but they could also focus on the number of characters being used in a subject line in relation to their open rate. Event marketers could focus on metrics like total number of registrants, and they could also focus on reporting their actual event attendance.

Social media managers also have access to an unfathomable amount of data. An increase in posts means an increase in data available to be tracked; unless you get a handle on which of these metrics are crucial, the larger your spreadsheets will grow.

  • DA

    Dee Anyaegbunam

    5 months ago #

    Really love this point - try not to be blinded by shiny vanity metrics that, while large in number, are few in impact.

    So easy to get carried away with tracking metrics that add nothing to your bottomline.

  • SM

    Sia M

    5 months ago #

    This is a great point - high conversion rate means a lot of effort that is paying off.
    After all, all teams and departments work for the good conversion.