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Recently, Google News announced a suite of product changes aimed at helping paid subscription-based news sites. In this post, we’ll be looking at different facets of this announcement and their implications for Google News' growth. Key growth lessons: 1. If you're an aggregator, start with distribution and then leverage the power it affords to build a platform that can own additional parts of the funnel. Google "took over the world" by building an incredible distribution engine for publishers and an effective discovery engine for consumers. It's continuing to drive growth by transforming that distribution engine into a platform that will allow it to own acquisition, engagement, conversion and monetization for publishers, in addition to discovery. 2. If you're a content producer reliant on one key distribution channel, design your content specifically to fit the channel (and how it makes money), and look for opportunities to create new content formats as your main distribution channel evolves. Upstart video content creators producing new genres of content such as Let's Play videos and Product Unboxings, were able to build large audiences on the back of YouTube. As Google News evolves into a platform that controls the full funnel, publishers who design their content for the new world of Google News should do very well.

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