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When the Coolest launched their first campaign they ended unsuccessfully. They went back to the drawing board and re-launched a new campaign to generate over $5 million.

Key Reasons:
- Relaunched in time of year when people want coolers
- New trendy design
- People from failed initial campaign ready to engage and support for the relaunch
- Newly designed video focusing on features and benefits of the Coolest

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    Marius Pop

    almost 7 years ago #

    I'm sure the elements you pointed out helped a lot but i tend to believe that there was something much more than that.

    I'm thinking mostly about the amount 1 to 1 conversations, talking to a lot of people BEFORE the campaign, getting a LOT of them - espacially the ones with large online followship, bloggers & media in general to spread the word about your campaign.

    Otherwise I don't see making such a tremendous difference in the quality of laanding pages & perks system to support by itself such a large amount of extra cash.