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For all the talk out there about growth hacking, leveraging your customers for growth and the power of referral marketing, you don't see as many well-executed referral programs as you might expect. Even with the well-documented successes of companies like Dropbox and Airbnb, who built their empires on the back of referral marketing, business owners still don't seem comfortable with how to properly set up, track, and execute a referral marketing campaign. To get to the bottom of this, the team at Web Profits surveyed hundreds of SaaS founders, entrepreneurs and marketers. The result was the State of Referral Marketing in 2017, providing insight from real business owners on everything related to their feelings on referral marketing, including: - How effective referral marketing has been compared to other customer acquisition channels. - How satisfied they are with their referral program, if they have one. - The software they use to build and manage their referral program. - What's preventing them from setting up a referral program, if they don't have one. Also included are takeaways and recommendations from Web Profits based on the survey data.

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