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Lisa Sicard, creator of Inspire to Thrive, is this month’s Study the Solopreneur guest of honor – and I am stoked about that! Lisa’s going to tell you how she went from being a full-time employee to a successful blogger, social media influencer, and coach.

Inspire to Thrive is a haven to those of us who want (need) to learn more about social media marketing.

While Lisa and I are well-connected by several successful people in the blogging community, this is the first time we’ve spoken to one another.

This is part of what I love most about this series!

  • DG

    Dana Gore

    9 months ago #

    I LOVE this!
    So cool that you shared this here.

    It was such a pleasure interviewing you. I know your story inspires others to thrive. It sure does for me.

    Career change is tough. People like you pave the way for others to know it's possible.
    Thanks for the awesome content you provided - and thanks for getting the word out about this discussion.