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Every freaking marketing blog out there says storytelling is imperative to creating emotional connections with your audience. But… Do you know how many marketing blogs actually show you examples of copy that reflect the fundamentals of great storytelling? And – more importantly – tell you how to implement storytelling elements to your digital copy, like, right now? None. Not a single one. At least not one that I can find. As a self-confessed storytelling geek, I’ve done plenty of googling, and the results I get when searching “how to apply storytelling elements to copywriting” offer no examples and no actionable tips. Why is that? I have a theory: it’s because people who write articles about copywriting often have an intuitive talent for storytelling, but don’t fully understand how they do it. I propose if you apply a storytelling framework to conversion-focused copywriting, you can inspire people to action and keep them hooked in a long-term relationship with your brand. We’re going to crack the code behind great storytelling and its effects on the human psyche. But more importantly, we’re going to take a look at how to immediately implement kickass storytelling in your marketing copy.

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