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What is iOS 14 privacy policy update and why is everybody talking so much about it?

iOS 14 privacy policy update means that Apple will be giving users the choice to block the IDFA identifier at the app level.

For those who are unfamiliar with IDFA – the Identifier for Advertisers is a unique identifier for mobile devices and is used to target and measure the effectiveness of mobile advertising on a user level across the mobile device.

This data is typically used to help businesses target users with ads that are personalized to their needs. Demographic, geographic, and browsing data help mobile advertisers reduce advertising costs and maximize conversions through ads on apps like Facebook.

With this change, many users are predicted to opt-out of this data collection (recent research suggests that more than 55% are unlikely or extremely unlikely to opt-in), making it more difficult for advertisers to target their ideal audience and use full potential of ad tracking.

Ok, can we all start panicking now?

Most certainly not.

Because nothing is so black and white.

Despite this change, it is still possible to collect data and implement advanced data analytics methods.

We have mapped out three methods (outside of those suggested by Facebook and Google) that can make powerful changes in your conversion rates and help accelerate the growth of your online business.

Some of these time-tested methods include:

  • Tracking Facebook Ad conversions in Google Analytics
  • Using Shopping behavior reports
  • Creating a custom segment of iOS 14 users in Google Analytics.