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Did you know that Facebook engagements impact more than 50% of users' purchase decisions?

That's why you have to work on your social media validation at all times.

Learn more about the impact of social validation in digital marketing and how to implement it on your ad strategy.

  • KT

    Kevin Tang

    4 months ago #

    Nice post, Jack. Especially like the tips at the end of the article. The way you basically organically "generate" social validation seems effective in the long run as well!

  • RP

    Rors Poer

    4 months ago #

    Pretty good article. Seems to me it's pretty obvious that social proof triggers the prospect in this day and age. But I appreciate the thorough research and it's a nice tip near the end. :)

  • SA

    Saif Aric

    4 months ago #

    The informative post helps me a lot. Thanks!

  • CS

    Chery Schmidt

    4 months ago #

    Hey Jack, What a great article on social validation, the first paragraph about the restaurant really opened my eyes to this meaning. And Yes, I do agree that the impact of social validation in social media is HUGE part of digital marketing today!
    Great Share!
    Thanks, Chery :))

  • RX

    Ron Xiu

    4 months ago #

    Great read! Do you have any other tips beside the giveaway + bonus action? (good one, though, but hopefully not the only one)

  • NG

    Niki Gray

    4 months ago #