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We took three main COVID-19 vaccines and ran a thorough social listening analysis of them:

- Who talks about the vaccines online?
- What is the opinion on COVID-19 vaccination?
- Which vaccine is the best?

Read our post to find out!

  • MC

    Maeva Cifuentes

    6 days ago #

    Wow, super interesting article! A great example to promote your software.

    • AB

      anna bredava

      5 days ago #

      Thanks! It was really interesting to write about the vaccines - where I live they are not yet widely available so it was like a peak into the future =)

      • MC

        Maeva Cifuentes

        4 days ago #

        Might take a while to get everybody vaccinated so I guess it will stay relevant for a while. Might be cool to do an update in the future.