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The latest survey from Geckoboard found that the businesses who track their metrics in real-time are far more likely to be successful. 77% of those who don't track their metrics regularly remained small in scale, reporting less than $100K in revenue annually. Other findings from the research include: - 50% of companies who tracked metrics in real-time met all their goals in the last 12 months compared to only 24% of companies who did not track in real-time. - 70% of respondents don’t have insight into their company’s performance on a daily basis. - 14% of businesses reported they monitor their KPIs in real-time. - Less than 9% of executives say they look at their company’s data in real-time. - Younger business leaders (ages 25-45) are more metrics-driven. Of the leaders who track their metrics in real-time, 33% were under 35 years old and 58% were under 45 - with only 13% of leaders 55 or older tracking data in real-time.

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