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The world’s most loved and used browser is Google, it keeps on changing every year, and the technique keeps on improving. The search engines in this way become more intelligent and user-friendly. The latest SEO techniques for 2019 in the path in which the webmasters keep their traffic intact to their work. These new methods will help the companies to beat their competitors. It is already December which means we are approaching towards the end of 2018. All the top SEO techniques of 2019 have already come up.

So, we have listed out the top SEO techniques for 2019 below that will make the companies competitive and stand in this throat cut competition.

What are Featured Snippets?

Whenever a user asks some question and searches in the Google, the search result shows the results with a featured snippet block in the search engine result page. This block contains the summary of the content or the website that is present in the link. The content we can extract from the webpage with the page title and the URL. Below is the image of the featured image:

The description above the headline is the featured snippet or question below that there is the gist about the topic with a link.

How is rich snippet important for SEO?

An excellent way to stand out in the crowd is by using the rich snippets. The rich snippets decrease your competition in the Search Engine Ranking Page. To display all these rich snippets in the search ranking page, you need to add the microformats known to be structured data. These structured data usually increases the organic visibility of your site and increase the visibility.

The Rankbrain SEO constitutes 15% of the search results even helps to improve the Click through rate or CTR it involves the ratings, price, availability, etc. All these things help in increasing the conversions and will drive you more number of customers.

What is SERP? And What does SERP stand in SEO?

SERP means Search Engine Result Page whenever a viewer searches something in the Google with a particular keyword. Then it the viewer lands up in a page that is known as the SERP or the Search Engine Result Page. It is essential for every search, and the companies always fight to rank their website on the first page. You take a quick look at the SERPs search page below:

The image above is the search page when we enter any keyword or start to search the topic “Softscript Solutions” then Google will take you to the webpage, and you can find a lot of results. First, you will see all the paid search results after which you will find the organic results. Here you have to make your website to rank higher by including all the critical SEO stuff in this the most crucial is the keywords.

SERP is essential for the companies so as the SEO. Both are linked with each other if you have an excellent SEO service for your website then you will rank high in the search engine ranking page.

What are the top SEO techniques you should watch in 2019?

SEO techniques are fundamental and keep on changing for the year 2019 we listed out some of the essential SEO techniques in 2019. Have a look at it below:


Knowledge panel is critical for all the companies to show what they are up to in business in Google. So when people search for a particular activity on Google. All the information about the company can be found on the right side of the search results. The whole details on the right-hand side of the Google search page are known as the Knowledge Panel. Below you can see the knowledge panel of the digital marketing agency Softscript Solutions.

Knowledge Panels are essential because you can see above all the type of information that it gives. The opening time, ratings, reviews, etc. Whenever a viewer sees this they get a brief idea about the shop. If they get all the information, then there is 100% chance that people will visit the website and even the place. It is one of the essential SEO techniques in 2019 that people are using a lot of time.


In the year 2015, Google has introduced a new algorithm which encourages self-learning known as Rankbrain SEO. Since then AI or artificial intelligence has come to action in digital marketing. Majorly involved in answering the unexpected search query that has never asked. Two thousand nineteen is the year where new advancement will take place. We can get more development in the Rankbrain SEO or the artificial intelligence in digital media or SEO. This is very crucial as the Rankbrain SEO constitutes 15% of the search results.

The Rankbrain SEO is developing a lot by every passing year and the search results that are also improving. Google these days has become very much flexible to answer the much-complicated questions. So, we expect that the in the year 2019 the artificial intelligence in Rankbrain SEO grow more flexible and understand the human being much better.


We start our latest SEO techniques with Voice Search, it is gaining hype, and a lot of people are using the Voice Search. The surveys were done by Google earlier in the year 2014, it was revealed that 40% of internet users use the voice-controlled web search. However, this statistics for the teenagers is 50% which is 10% more than the rest of the people. Most of the people in Google make the search using Voice Search every two people out of 5 are searching using Voice Search.

The most famous voice search devices are Amazon Alexa, Siri for iOS, Ok Google! For Android. You can these days find most of the people are having the Amazon Alexa and Google home in their offices or home. People are doing searches using these voice search devices and it will increase gradually.

Future of Voice search is very bright. Making the computers able to answer every question asked by the user is the future of SEO and digital marketing. Due to the massive usage of the smart home devices and all the digital answering devices, the future of voice search is enormous. The usage of the voice search will increase a lot in the year 2019, and people will more frequently use this device

  • PG

    Pravin Gupta

    7 months ago #

    Well written ! ! Informative information ! ! Thank a lot

  • KV

    Kathir Vel

    7 months ago #

    Great post, Voice search is future.

  • LG

    Lisa George

    4 months ago #

    Awesome tips and perspective on SEO technique for organic traffic.

    Really appreciate the way you have written and explained Especially the Rank Brain SEO Section.

    I am really gonna apply this for the future. Worth reading it.

    Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Good work..!!

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