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We're working on making SaaSFest a bit different by focusing exclusively on community building and operational talks from proven operators. More information below, but here's the conference website, as well: http://www.SaaSFest.io/

***Focus on community building above all else***: You can’t build a community with 10,000 people, nor can you foster serendipitous relationship building without a little help. This is why we chose to focus ultimately on helping attendees create lasting relationships with peers, future co-founders, and mentors of all kinds.

So how the hell do we actually do that? Here’s how:
---Keep the event tight knit and capped in population: We capped the number of people who can come to avoid a sprawling group that doesn’t have enough time to build meaningful relationships.

---Facilitate introductions to foster the best connections possible: Everyone in attendance will be given a list of a few folks they should reach out to beforehand to meet up (LinkedIn/Twitter profiles), as well as suggested tables for breakfast and lunch (all based on a pre-conference survey). We feel like we should do the work on making sure you’re meeting the right people based on your needs

***Content from the best operators in SaaS***: Beyond a lack of focus on community, some of the problem areas with conferences involve extremely shallow content or content that everyone’s heard before. To combat this, we first focused on speakers who are the best of the best in their respective fields, and second are making sure that we curate all of the content for you to get the most out of your day.

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