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Yes, your site needs to:

- Be technically healthy for search engines to crawl and index
- Have high-quality content that answers the intent of your customers’ search queries
- Attract links from other relevant and authoritative sites

But working to implement every SEO best practice all at once lacks a focus on driving results that actually make a difference in your bottom line (MRR for your business).

Results from SEO don’t happen overnight and in the big picture it’s a long term game. But if you want to give yourself a chance at seeing some high impact results in a period of several quarters as opposed to several years, you need to be able to identify and focus in on the highest priority items to work on first.

  • DS

    Deepak Sharma

    4 months ago #

    In the upcoming year 2020, digital marketing trends will change. About 50% of searches will be voice searches, for this website content should be optimized for voice search. Google has now has started working on NPL(Natural Language Processing), it can understand better user queries as before. Hence, the focus of the content should be query solving rather than worthless content.