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As much as the SEO industry wants to grow up and shed the shady reputation it had in the past, it seems many don’t want to change and still cast a shadow over the industry. For every company doing things right, it seems there are many more who have not updated their practices or still want to take shortcuts. Want Specifics? Shady sales tactics. Ridiculous contracts. Proprietary CMS systems. Not turning over account logins. Private blog networks, paid links and spam. Link networks. Removing links. Adding noindex. Building another website on a different domain. Canonical tags. Reusing content. Reviews. Rolling back a website. Threatening lawsuits. Not setting up conversion tracking. 301 a penalized website.

  • LS

    Luana Spinetti

    over 2 years ago #

    Well, hopefully those websites blocking crawlers did it on purpose and not as a mistake. ;) But mistakes happen, and they're the least of the problems, I feel (go and fix it, might take a while, but you'll be okay).

    Intentionally doing things that will hurt yourself and/or your clients is the real problem, and one that might cost business. The shady SEO items in the list speak for themselves - unethical and dangerous. Blog networks, paid links and link schemes in general can be either a good thing or a bad thing depending on the purpose: if they make sense and they're not done to manipulate search engines, they'll have a long and meaningful life; in the other case, they add junk that doesn't work and will most certainly end up in a penalty or worse, the loss of sales and conversions.

    Honestly, I feel SEO (not the simple on-page SEO that's good for everything, even your own in-site search box) is a matter of making choices: do you really want to work alongside search engines (for yourself or your clients)? Why do you want to do that?

    Just because when you rent a house, you have to live by the owner's 'usage guidelines' even when you can sometimes contract. Unless you buy your own house - than you have full power, even if that previous owner you rented from now frowns upon you. :P

    Disclosure: I'm a big "SEO rebel" who'd rather go my own way than stick by search engines' guidelines. I only stick by the ones I believe in and discard the rest. Search engines can kick me out no problem, as I rely on community building much more than them. But heck, if I'm doing a consulting session with a client about marketing and SEO, I'm not going to use my rebellious side, unless that's what the client wants. :D

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