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Recently, I did office hours for a few YCombinator startups, and SEO was a popular topic. I was giving similar advice to each startup, so decided to write a blog to document the advice I gave. In this post, I’ll talk about how to get started with SEO at very early stage companies, up to the point where there is enough traffic to run SEO experiments.

  • RS

    ritu shona

    over 1 year ago #

    Hello Jeff,

    The information you shared was very necessary to all bloggers especially the newbies. The top 5 must-dos should be good enough for a newbie in implementing his SEO strategies and techniques.

    I wait for more hints and useful tips from you on SEO.

    Thank you a lot.

  • IV

    Iain Venn

    7 months ago #

    Very useful piece on how to get basic SEO right. With many search engines (including Google) speeding up the process of indexing and refreshing SERPs (search engine results pages) don't be surprised to see quicker results now. Long Tail keywords are also a good way of generating good quality traffic to a new website as quickly as possible. Another BIG way to speed things up is to set up Google Console and submit your website direct using an xml sitemap.

  • SM

    Shawn Martin

    almost 2 years ago #

    I strongly agree that investing in SEO takes some time but they're worthy of investments tho. check this out http://seoldiers.com/ :)

  • RW

    Rank Watch

    almost 2 years ago #

    I see that you have kept your points to minimal. I am sure that's because these are for startups but if they need to stand somewhere even close to their competitors they need to do more than just follow dos and don'ts.
    Also as startups don't have much budget here is an article that can help, https://blog.rankwatch.com/what-to-do-when-you-are-on-a-shoestring-budget-traffic-acquisition-or-cro/

  • KT

    Kenneth T

    over 1 year ago #

    But it would all still depend on their current niche and competition. Uber niche businesses would only need minimal optimization compared to those with higher competition.

  • MP

    Moreish Puff

    over 1 year ago #

    Great post, thanks for sharing

  • RH

    Robin Hölter

    about 1 year ago #

    Thanks for the great post!

    Would you also consider product detail pages as scalable landing pages?

  • US

    usableseo s

    about 1 year ago #

    Thanks for this! will share it with few who needs to reads for their startups

  • MJ

    michelle jons

    about 1 year ago #

    Thanks, and thanks for the comments.

  • PP

    Peter parker

    12 months ago #

    How about FAQ schema ??

  • RD

    Robert Dewey

    11 months ago #

    These is very basic onpage SEO, dont forget to do link building also.

  • LM

    Loffar Mail

    10 months ago #

    That's cool idea and worthy

  • LM

    Loffar Mail

    10 months ago #

    It is truly a nice and useful piece of info. I am glad that you just shared this useful information with us. Please stay up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  • MO

    mohamed oka

    10 months ago #

    really awesome tips .. really informative

  • AR

    anu radha

    9 months ago #

    Thanks for post !! You just shared this useful information with us ..

  • PC

    Priya Chowdary

    9 months ago #

    Thanks for posting blog, awesome tips....
    Really Informative..

  • RS

    razia shaik

    8 months ago #

    Hello Jeff,

    The information which you have shared will be useful for newbies.

  • JS

    Jamie Smith

    6 months ago #

    Great tips for new-comers to SEO - I'm currently waiting for my own article to be published as well to help people better perform Local SEO in 2020 :-)

  • AP

    Andrei Prakharevich

    6 months ago #

    Great article! I was expecting it to be technical - it was refreshing to find a piece on strategy instead ;)

  • DB

    david bonk

    6 months ago #

    The article was really helpful and I could again gain some additional knowledge

  • MS

    Metizsoft Solutions

    6 months ago #

    Great Post, Thanks For Sharing

  • JS

    Julia Sytnikova

    5 months ago #

    Great post! All nuts and bolts were comprehensively explained in beginner's terms. Thanks!

  • AT

    ATS Triumph

    5 months ago #

    Great post, thanks for sharing

  • NC

    Nolan Colin

    4 months ago #

    Very nice article, Jeff Chang. I learned a lot of useful information from her. Now I will conduct the audit more methodically.

  • BD

    Bamsh Digital Marketing

    4 months ago #

    An excellent piece of content and advice. All too often we have start-ups come to us who completely rule out SEO as it doesn't deliver leads today or tomorrow. They see it as a waste of their valuable start-up budget.

    Then 6-months later they are complaining that they are constantly having to spend money on advertising to attract leads.

    The second thing I like is the priority of content over links. Again, far too many businesses approach us asking for us to carry out SEO and build links etc. to websites in competitive markets, and each page of their 8-page website has about 300 words of content.

  • LS

    Lilac SEO

    4 days ago #

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