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How do you build an efficient and scalable method for driving revenue through SEO content? How can you bring in predictable inbound users without having to burn all your money in paid growth?

How do you rank on Google for keywords that will attract only qualified traffic?

With the right combination of keyword research and search intent analysis, building topical authority consistently, and a focus on on-page optimization and content promotion, this is what we did for a vacation rental SaaS.

Like most vacation rental software providers, until we started working together, our client almost entirely relied on word-of-mouth, partnerships and referrals. With well-orchestrated SEO, organic traffic became their #1 source of users within 10 months.

Within the first three months, we doubled traffic and increased conversion rates by 46%. Now, 10 months later, we’ve increased their organic traffic by 9x. Here’s how we did it.