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Let’s say you’re shopping for a coffee table.

Consider these two scenarios.

Scenario 1:
You head to a furniture website and search for “coffee table.”

The results page includes some coffee tables, but also end tables, console tables, dining room tables, area rugs, accent chairs — and is that a sofa?

That’s not even close.

The results from your search included coffee tables, but also basically every other piece of furniture that’s tagged with the word “table,” plus all the other items in the living room furniture category.

That means you have to scroll through a lot of irrelevant results to find what you’re looking for, which is not a great user experience.

And if we know anything, it’s that a bad user experience will tank a sale really quickly.

Scenario 2:
You head to a different furniture website and search for “coffee table.”

This time, the results page is nothing but coffee tables, and the top results are in finishes and colors that match the bookshelf and TV console you already bought online.

Instead of pouring through pages of coffee tables mixed with irrelevant results, you find a table you love quickly and make a purchase.

Little do you know that the coffee table you bought was a new design with a higher profit margin for the retailer, and that wasn’t an accident, either.

Everyone wins.

One of these sites is using the power of “searchandizing” (or search merchandising) to turn your intent into more sales and better profits.

And you can do the same for your ecommerce store.

Read on to learn how to use searchandising to create better user experiences and boost your bottom line.

  • TE

    Tina Eaton

    6 months ago #

    The only proof I need to hear that search is important is that site visitors who use it are more likely to be in the purchasing mindset!

  • KA

    kinza Arshad

    6 months ago #

    Furniture is useless in its own uniqueness if not serving the right purpose. The coffee table is something that should fill up space yet give a useful sort of touch to the living room or sitting room

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